Animal Liquid Feeds

Mizho MCFA Emulsion

Contains both MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids)and Organic Acid (SCFA, Short Chain Fatty Acids).
Can control or reduce salmonella and campylobacter in broiler chickens.
Liquid base. Soluble in drinking water.

Livestock Animal feeds

  1. Liquid base. Soluble into water
    This product is water-based liquid and very soluble in water.
    Easy to add into drinking water for broiler chickens, in necessary timing and necessary amount.
  2. Substitute for Antibiotics
    MCFA(Medium Chain Fatty Acids), Organic Acid(Short Chain Fatty Acids).
    As Antibiotics are getting regulated strictly all over the world, MCFA and Organic Acid are used as substitute for Antibiotics.
    There are already many feed additives which contain MCFA and Organic Acid.
    But, most of them are in solid base for feed, and not easy to handle.
    Takes about 1week from silo and costs for it.
    In liquid base, by the way, there is nothing with both MCFA and Organic Acid for drinking water. Because MCFA is a kind of Fat, not soluble in water.
  3. World pioneer! Only one in the world!
    Throughout the study for 2 years, Mizho Chemical succeeded to develop liquid base type with both high content of MCFA and Organic Acid, first in the world.
  4. Effective against the pathogens in chicken’s crop during the non-eating term
    Broiler chickens have crop between mouth and stomachs(Proventriculus, Gizzard).
    During their non-eating term just before the slaughter, they eat the dirt on the floor, including their own poop.
    Minimize pathogens in their crop, when they drink from water line.
  5. How to use
    Just add into the drinking water line.
    You can use existing water-lines and do not need to invest.(=>Economical!)
    Standard usage: 200x dilution (0.5%)
  6. Ingredients
    MCFA; Caprilic acid(C8), Capric acid(C10)
    Organic Acids; Lactic acid, Citric acid
    Offer to customize!
    We can customize some other Organic Acids.
    [Formic acid, Ammonium formate, Acetic acid, Propionic acid …etc.] Emulsifier
  7. Properties
    Low viscosity.
    Stable (no colour change, no oxidization)
    No emulsion-breaking even in low pH liquid.
    Not separated after dispersing in drinking water.
    Seasoned to chicken’s favorite flavor.
    Based on Japan original technology developed in collaborated with university.
  8. Logistics
    Ocean freight/Air freight.
    Bag in box container(18L), Plastic container(1L, 50L), … and so on.

About us

Mizho Chemical Co., LTD. is a leading company of chemical products for laundry industry and garment factories.
All the products are developed in our own laboratory and manufactured in our own factory, located in Yokohama, Japan.
Since founded in 1957, Mizho Chemical has supplied very unique and original items, which have been reputed well in the market for long time.
Because we find the potential needs from the users and provide the solutions to improve the work-efficiency with our various items.
Besides, not only inside of Japan, we have exported to all over the world for over 30 years.

Germany,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco
USA,Canada,China, Vietnam, Singapore,India,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,… etc.

In the recent years, we have been awarded from Industrial Ministry of Japan and Yokohama City government.

Emerging field

Animal nutrition/Feed additives
In 1999, Mizho Chemical advanced into Emerging field of Animal nutrition and Feed additives with the emulsion technology that we have enhanced in laundry industry.

We have succeeded to develop high-quality items, specialized in liquid type for Poultry, Cattle and Swines.

  • Water-soluble emulsion of Medium Chain Fatty Acid(MCFA)
  • Water solution of Vitamin A, D, E
  • Emulsion of Triglyceride(=Milk substitute for piglets)
  • Liquid Calcium

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